A different approach

Nourish Mind + Body is a very warm and inviting wellness center providing holistic nutritional counseling and naturopathic care, private yoga and small group yoga classes, and private Pilates sessions.  The center is very different than any place you have probably ever been.  Very few places offer all of the services that Audra Bursae, the owner and founder, provides under one roof.  Audra believes that wellness can not be isolated to only eating well or only exercising. Wellness stems from both of these things and so much more.  All of this is provided at Nourish Mind + Body.

Audra welcomes everyone who steps through her doors with open arms.  She completely invests herself in the health and happiness of her clients.  Each client is assessed on an individual basis and is treated uniquely according to his or her own needs.  She truly listens to what her clients goals are and is an expert at “reading between the lines.”  Very often her clients leave sessions in awe of all that they learned about themselves in such short period of time.  The more  we understand about ourselves, the more able we are to heal and grow in exponential ways.  Not only does Audra work with her clients from a nutrition standpoint, she also reads blood work and finds any deficiencies or imbalances that may be causing problems currently or  in the future.  This is all addressed through dietary changes, supplement suggestions, and a therapeutic approach that focuses on the emotional aspects of her clients lives.  She has an incredibly high success rate largely due to this unique three-pronged approach.

Her yoga classes are small (maximum of 7 people!) so a tremendous amount of attention is paid to each student allowing them to grow and shine. The students in her classes often tell her that they feel like a family, as everyone works together and cheers each other on.  She focuses on alignment, form, and breath while still providing a very strong and challenging class.  Her excellent cueing and creative sequencing always keep the classes interesting and effective.  Her lighthearted approach and warm nature make for a non-intimidating and fun atmosphere.

Audra teaches Pilates privately to individuals using Gratz apparatus. She works with each person where they are at- whether they are injured, pregnant, or very athletic.  She progressively challenges her students helping them to achieve their fitness goals all while keeping them safe and injury-free.

Audra believes that every single person deserves to feel good physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  She works hard to help her clients find their own happiness and confidence and to truly learn to love themselves and their bodies.  She emphatically believes that we need to love ourselves in order to be truly healthy and to love others.

Many of Audra’s clients come to see her for nutrition and health counseling and stay for yoga or Pilates classes as part of their wellness program.  Nourish Mind + Body is your one-stop-shop for all things wellness.  Once you work with Audra, your life will be forever changed in the most positive of ways.