I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, accessing each individual client’s concerns, symptoms, and goals. We are all different and the “one-size-fits all” approach is not conducive or helpful to individual needs. My job is to listen to you, the client, and work with what you need, both physically and emotionally.

I don’t believe in diet dogma, I believe in real, whole foods that not only nourish the body but also taste good. I work primarily with women struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating behavior, pre and post-natal nutritional care, and female health issues ranging from weight loss to menopause. I take my work very seriously and am here for you, always. My clients’ success is my number one priority.

A health counselor is a wellness guide and supportive mentor. Together, we’ll work to achieve your goals in areas such as achieving optimal weight, food cravings, sleep and energy. Through working with me, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health.


The concept of bio-individuality is that each person has her or his own food and lifestyle needs. So, when the experts say, “dairy is good for you” or “fat is unhealthy,” it doesn’t apply to everyone. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and that’s why fad diets tend to fail in the long run. Working on the principle of bio-individuality, I’ll support you in making positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, blood-work, personal preferences, and background. Instead of prescribing one fix for all people, I use a personalized, holistic approach that is based on your needs.

Everything is food

We are not only fed by food but by other factors in our lives. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and a spiritual practice are essential forms of nourishment. When these “primary foods” are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary.