Success Stories

Success Stories

"My life has completely changed!"

Today I turned on Oprah for one of her last shows. Madonna was speaking about the people in her life who have most inspired her. She said for her, that person was Oprah. There have been many people in my life who have inspired me. But, if I was to pick just one person who has most inspired me in my life presently, I would have to say that person is Audra Bursae. I believe that there are times when people are meant to come into our lives. That time for me was five years ago when I began working with Audra. Since then my life has completely changed!

I have been doing Pilates with Audra for several years. It is the one form of exercise that I have actually stuck with. I owe this to Audra. She makes it fun and always changes the routine so it never gets boring or easy. I always feel challenged and this has enabled me to see my body continually change! I am so much stronger and actually see muscles in my arms which I never had before.

Since working with Audra, I not only have changed the way that I eat but the way that I approach food. I no longer diet. Audra has taught me about food and helped me to cook delicious healthy meals. In fact, I cant believe the things I am eating. When I shop, I choose healthy whole foods for myself and my family. I have more energy, my skin is glowing, I am healthier than ever before and my body has changed completely!

The stage that I am in (and I wont say which one!) has presented me with many ups and downs. Due to certain medical conditions, I have not been able to use traditional medicine. Audra has taught me so much about supplements and holistic alternatives which have made a huge difference in how I feel. I don’t think I could have made it through this time in my life without her knowledge and support.

Audra approaches everything she does with such passion. It is because of this passion and her knowledge and constant support that I feel as good as I do. So thank you Audra, you are truly the best!

Jackie S.

"She is extremely professional. Her knowledge is exceptional."

I have a long history of significant health problems beginning with myfirst heart attack in 1987. Subsequently, I had triple bypass in 1996,and have had numerous stents. In addition, I developed adult onset asthma in 1992, and in 2004 was diagnosed with chronic lymphecitic leukemia (CLL). For all of the above I was treated with traditional medicine

In November 2008, I had an initial consultation with Audra Bursae. After taking a full history, she developed a regimen of diet and supplements for me, including green juices and green tea. Since that time, my energy level and stamina have improved. In addition, there has been a significant change in my blood tests. In past years, my white blood cells had increased from an initial total in 2004 in the 13,000 range to a high of 29,000. Since my change in diet and supplements, it has reduced to 25,000 range. Also, my PSA level, which had recently increased from .22 to .26, has been reduced to .158.

These changes as well as the improvement in my energy and stamina, make it easy for me to recommend Audra. She is extremely professional. Her knowledge is exceptional. She researched CLL for me and was able to share with me an article from the Mayo Clinic, regarding the effect ofgreen tea and extract on CLL patient. Audra has consistently emphasized that her recommendations are not an alternative to traditional medicine, but an important supplement. My only wish, is that I had been exposed to her information earlier.

Charles R.*

"... absolutely wonderful."

Never during my svelte youth could I imagine myself being fifty and fat, but as I crossed over the threshold of my fiftieth year I was quite unhappy with how things were going. I was not only aging badly in terms of my appearance, but I no longer felt healthy. Not one for quick fixes, I was not interested in Botox or surgery, but the exercise and diet regimes that had worked in my younger years were no longer effective. As the pounds piled on, I found myself disheartened, short of breath, unable to participate in activities I enjoyed, and increasingly depressed.

It was at this time that I was blessed to be introduced to Dr. Audra Bursae through a mutual acquaintance. I was first struck with Dr. Bursae’s kindness as she took my history and recognized my pain. She saw me as I was no longer able to see myself, and she encouraged me (and continues to encourage me) with my long-term goals. I have not only lost weight, but have a renewed energy and healthy glow that even my husband notices. Dr.Bursae’s knowledge of nutrition is quite amazing in its scope and effectiveness, and she has taught me how to better take care of myself.I no longer feel I am spinning my wheels trying to bring about healthful changes in my life. Dr. Bursae gave me new information on diet and exercise that allows me to more effectively lead a healthy life. Her nutritional advise also helps me prepare more healthful meals for my family day to day, and more specifically, she suggested supplements to aid in healing when my aged mother broke her arm, and she helped my son with his discomfort from eczema.

You are most fortunate to have found your way to this site. I strongly suggest you make an appointment with Dr. Bursae. She is absolutely wonderful, and cannot be praised enough.

Jane M.

"She is the BEST!!"

I have been fortunate to develop a relationship with Audra on several fronts. In each of these capacities, I have found Audra to be passionate, caring, conscientious, thorough and understanding. She is not only an extremely skilled Yoga/Pilates Instructor, she is also a preeminent Nutritionist. Perhaps her greatest talent is her ability to pinpoint her client’s needs in order to make their sessions completely fulfilling. Her new studio is a beautiful reflection of who she is and what she does. Audra is a shining star and anyone who is lucky enough to employ her services will not be disappointed – but grateful for the opportunity to work with a true master. She is the BEST!!

Mrs. S

"...complete professionalism and compassion!"

I have practiced Pilates with Audra for many years and she continually engages my interest and has helped me to reach new levels of competency. Recently, I began working with Audra on a customized nutritional program. In a few short months she has helped me to achieve key goals:

  1. I no longer eat to fill emptiness, boredom or other emotions;
  2. I am making healthy choices;
  3. I am beginning to understand the foods that trigger that unhealthy feeling in my body;
  4. I am working on being patient with myself and how to understand that change is not always visible;
  5. I have become a label reader when I grocery shop—Audra even went to the store with me to show me how!

Thank you Audra for being the most outstanding person who possesses complete professionalism and compassion!

Linda F.

"...warmth, compassion, and understanding..."

Dr. Audra Bursae brings to her sessions warmth, compassion, and understanding- along with guidance and insight in a non-judgmental fashion. I’ve been working with Dr. Bursae for about a year now and I feel a marked increase in my overall sense of mental health and physical wellness. I continue to learn from Audra’s knowledge even after our time together and always look forward to our next session.

Nicole W.

"...very grateful for her help..."

I went to see Audra in the summer of 2010, approximately 3 months before I was scheduled to run my first marathon in October on my 46th birthday. I have always been athletic and really had never experienced a physical challenge that was insurmountable as long as I was properly conditioned. But the marathon-training program had resulted in unexpected weight loss, to the point where I was losing energy and couldn’t finish my longer runs. I tried eating more but it wasn’t working. I was starting to become concerned that the training I had put in up through that time might go for naught.

After tests revealed that my body fat dropped significantly within a short period of time I went to see Audra for help with determining how I might improve my diet so that I could still compete in the marathon. For years I thought I had a relatively good eating regimen as it had enabled me to accomplish everything I set out to do athletically. But Audra brought to my attention several deficiencies that I had within my diet. Over the course of several weeks she aided me in further refining my diet to essentially consume more efficient calories and provide my body with the fuel it was lacking.

Audra’s help was instrumental in helping me complete my first marathon. More importantly, she showed me several ways to improve my diet going forward. I plan to carry those lessons with me for the rest of my life.

On May 1, 2011, I ran my second marathon in 3 hours and 35 minutes, knocking over a half hour off of my previous time (just seven months earlier). Audra’s guidance enabled me not to have any of the nutritional issues that hindered me previously, allowing me to focus entirely on conditioning myself for the race.

I will always be very grateful for her help and highly recommend her to those seeking nutritional guidance.

Bill C.
*Names have been changed to protect client’s privacy.

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