The Barre method is a very effective form of exercise that enlists your own body weight, light weights, and a ballet barre as resistance. It is done using very small, deliberate movements to bring specific muscle groups to a state of fatigue. This specific way of working the body leads to tremendous overall strength, core stability and a long, lean body. There is a beautiful balance between strength and flexibility in a Barre class, making it one of the most efficient workouts out there.

Wednesday’s 9:30am Booty Barre class with Denise
Thursday’s 9:30 Barre with Audra*
*Please call 201.500.8470 or email [email protected] to reserve your spot as space is limited.
- Barre is taught in either private sessions or in small semi-private classes (no more than 7 people).
- Each class is challenging! You will feel parts of your body burn like you never have before and will love the strength results that follow.
- Classes are fun! Great music keeps the motivation going in the room while the camaraderie of the wonderful students in the class makes the hour fly by!
Whatever your health and fitness goals are,

We will achieve them together

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