“I started seeing Audra because I had hit what felt like a dead end I couldn’t get out of. I was stuck in a lifelong pattern of unhealthy eating and misinformation about nutrition. It had left me feeling physically tired, sick, and with an awful self-image on top of that. Working with Audra has not only taught me so much about healthy eating, but she has given me tools to change my life easily and for the long-term. Not only have I lost weight but I have an entirely different outlook on my self worth and health now. It’s a process to change for the better, but it would have been impossible without Audra’s help. I am forever grateful for the work we’ve done together.”

"Dr. Audra Bursae brings to her sessions warmth, compassion, and understanding- along with guidance and insight in a non-judgmental fashion. I’ve been working with Dr. Bursae for about a year now and I feel a marked increase in my overall sense of mental health and physical wellness. I continue to learn from Audra’s knowledge even after our time together and always look forward to our next session."

"Audra is my sunshine! She transformed my body and elevated my spirit. I started seeing her for pilates seven years ago, during a very challenging time in my life. I was hooked immediately. I felt lighter, energized, and happier when I left. She is truly the best in her field. Her knowledge in every aspect of Mind and body wellness, and nutrition is unsurpassed. Her instructing style is genuinely genius. You don't even realize you're working hard. She challenges you and tailors the work out within your abilities so you can achieve your full potential. She is the ultimate professional without being a drill sergeant. Tough without being harsh. Sweet without being soft. Has an infectious smile that radiates positivity and inspires you. That is why she has a very selective group of clientele who want the best and are loyal to her. Her studio is a cocoon of wellness, support, peace, and strength.Thank you Audra for shining on my life and making a difference that I needed!"

"I have been fortunate to develop a relationship with Audra on several fronts. In each of these capacities, I have found Audra to be passionate, caring, conscientious, thorough and understanding. She is not only an extremely skilled Yoga/Pilates Instructor, she is also a preeminent Nutritionist. Perhaps her greatest talent is her ability to pinpoint her client’s needs in order to make their sessions completely fulfilling. Her new studio is a beautiful reflection of who she is and what she does. Audra is a shining star and anyone who is lucky enough to employ her services will not be disappointed – but grateful for the opportunity to work with a true master. She is the BEST!!"

“Working with Audra over the course of many years has been life changing for me.  I initially came to her as an eating disorder patient, after unsuccessfully trying many other treatment avenues.  Audra was able to guide me to and through recovery with compassion, patience and a deep knowledge of all factors of my disorder and specific nutritional needs, and I’m not sure that I would have beaten the disease or regained my health without her. During that critical time, she was able to break down barriers to success, address each roadblock, and coach me through each very difficult phase with a truly unique mix of actionable nutritional and biophysical knowledge and genuine kindness, transparency, and ability to relate to my experience.  Years later, I continue to work with her for prenatal nutritional counseling, and she has helped my husband and I enormously through our efforts to conceive and first pregnancy.  Audra has expertly guided us through every phase of this journey and her care has resulted in a healthy, comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy in spite of a range of risk factors.  She has also assisted my husband through his recent gluten-sensitivity diagnosis, and enabled him to comfortably enjoy his favorite things again.  We are tremendously grateful for everything Audra has done for us and look forward to working with her as we venture into parenthood and the new challenge of raising healthy kids."

“We have been training with Audra for almost two years now and love her! Audra is a very skilled instructor and nutritionist. She tailors her sessions to each individual and offers several different modalities of training depending on one’s goals. Beyond training and nutrition, Audra has a huge heart and cares deeply for her clients. She believes in a mind-body holistic approach to health and continuously supports and encourages us to live our healthiest lives."

Whatever your health and fitness goals are,

We will achieve them together

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